Patient Handouts



Stretches can help many foot conditions, especially if you are on your feet all day. Be sure to check with your podiatrist before trying any of our stretches.  Foot Stretches Ankle and Foot - Plantar Fascia Stretch Sit in a firm chair. Grasp the heel of your foot in one hand and with the other [...]


Nail Procedure Post Op


If you have had a minor operation on your toenail and either part or all of the nail plate has been removed, please follow these instructions. Today: Return home and keep your feet elevated at all times while resting. Leave the bandage on. Please keep it dry and clean. Tomorrow: In the morning, remove the [...]

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Keeping Dressings Dry


Wrap a hand towel around the foot you are trying to protect. Place a bathroom sized trash bag over your foot and secure the bag above the ankle with tape. (Bread sacks, zip locks and grocery bags do not work. They tend to have many tiny holes in them.) Place another bag over the first [...]

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Foot Soaks


Foot soaking can help different conditions. Be sure to check with your podiatrist to make sure these soaks are right for you. Soaks for Ulcers and Sores Soak your foot in warm water with Epsom salt (follow the instructions included with the salt). Dry your foot and between all toes thoroughly after each soak. Apply [...]

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